In memory of Andrew Cox and Bijou

Bijou, the beautiful Saint Bernard was adopted by the Tott family in 2003. She was a precious and wonderful gentle giant. After a divorce in the Tott family, Bijou came to live with Linda (Davey)-Tott and her new partner Andrew Cox.

Andrew was completely devoted to Bijou. To Andrew, she was the greatest dog ever born. He loved her… sometimes, Linda, would say, she thought he loved the dog more than he loved her. In Andrew’s eyes, no other dog would ever rate as highly as Beautiful Bijou.

She had Andrew wrapped around her NOT so little paw. She would not eat her food, unless, 1) it had a little extra something special added to it, and 2) Andrew had to get down on his bended knee and hold the bowl for her to eat.

She was the Queen. Andrew would lie on the floor and give Bijou big hugs, she loved it……It was a sad day when Bijou died in 2013. Andrew missed her so much. And then suddenly, on April 11 2018, Andrew Cox died unexpectedly.

Linda, family and friends who frequent the Olde Orchard Pub on Friday at 5 à 7 collected funds for the SPCA –LL in memory of Andrew and Bijou.

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