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Welcome to the SPCA Laurentides - Labelle and thank you for giving your time. Your help is important for our animals. We greatly appreciate your volunteering because we can do more for them by giving them more time, love and comfort during their stay in our adoption center, without increasing our payroll

In all positions, whatever your field, you will support employees who are responsible for ensuring that tasks are done correctly and on time. Your help is essential to the team. All tasks should be done with respect and pleasant humor.

You will find below a list of our needs were your help would be appreciated.

All are Welcome.

As a volunteer, you will receive the training associated with the selected task. You need to sign a volunteer’s agreement and commit to a minimum of 5 hours per month.

If you are interested in offering your help for one of the tasks listed below please contact us by phone at 819-326-4059 and ask for the person responsible for volunteers (if you do not get through leave a message, we will call you back) or contact us by e-mail at: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Volunteering at the SPCALL

Here are a few points to remember about volunteering at the SPCA LL :

  • Volunteering at the SPCA LL is done in a spirit of good humour, in cooperation with the employees. We put great value on team work and respect for the work of each individual.
  • :
  • Of primary importance is respect for the animals’ well-being. Gentleness and respect of procedures are required.
  • :
  • To become a volunteer, it is mandatory to follow the “Welcome and Care for animals, dogs and/or cats”, training session that lasts from 30 to 60 minutes.
  • :
  • Choose tasks that best suit your likes, your temperament and your talents.  Should an employee or another volunteer suggest you do something that does not meet with your likes, do not hesitate to politely let them know; it is important to have fun at volunteering!
  • :
  • To help in planning, we ask that volunteers commit to a minimum of 5 hours per month, at fixed times if possible. You can present yourself at the shelter on the day that best suits you at 8 a.m., 1 p.m. or 6 p.m.
  • :
  • Finally, it is important to know that volunteering at the SPCA LL does not bring any financial or other advantages for either yourself or your friends or family. All abandon, adoption or other fees also apply to all volunteers.
  • :

Our needs

Whatever your particular likes and talents, you will find a task to suit you.  Here are a few tasks for which volunteer help is appreciated:

Dog Attendant:

  • Walk dogs.
  • Educate dogs
  • Socialise and handle puppies.
  • Petting, massaging, grooming, playing, and giving tender, loving care.

Cat Attendant

  • Pet them, play with them and give them tender, loving care.
  • Socialise and handle kittens and timid cats.
  • Grooming, trimming claws and shaving.

Adoption’s Counsellor
(Blocks of 4 hours between 1 and 6 pm)


  • Explain our adoption’s protocols and fees
  • Welcome customers and help them choose the animal that is best suited for them.
  • Help customers understand the needs and proper care to give to their animals.

Qualities required

  • Have good connection with people and a pleasant disposition.
  • Good sense of customer service.
  • Be able to recognise and sell the qualities of each individual animal.

Cleaning and maintenance

  • Help in cleaning the areas of the shelter reserved for cats and dogs; do laundry and wash bowls, etc.
  • Contribute to planned housekeeping tasks.
  • Do minor maintenance jobs such as painting, repairs, etc.

Foster family

Welcome certain animals with special needs that would have difficulty developing in the busy setting of the shelter; examples:

  • Puppies and kittens less than eight weeks old.
  • Animals requiring rehabilitation exercises after an illness or surgery. 
  • Animals requiring a peaceful setting to rebuild their emotional health after having lived difficult situations.


  • Help with loading and unloading material for information events and benefits.
  • Welcoming the public during these events.
  • Participate on committees for our annual fund raising auction.
  • Enter data on the computer.
  • Take photos of our animals and write up promotional sheets for each one.
  • Help with the training of and the support of other volunteers.
  • Participate in special projects.
  • Assist the staff during particularly busy periods.
  • Animal transportation.

To sign up

  • Read this document.
  • Complete and sign the application form and the Volunteers Agreement, and provide, if required, the signed parental consent.
  • Complete the training session that applies to the tasks you wish to accomplish. Please note, if you wish to work directly with the animals, it is mandatory to complete the “Animal Care training, cats and/or dogs”.

Feel free to contact us for any other question or if you have any other expertise in a field not mentioned in this document but that could be beneficiary for us, please, we want to ear from you.

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